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"Ralph is a dynamite! Whatever endeavor he does, it always is an explosive success. He is a positive and loving person which can be seen and felt whenever he's in the room. 

As a marketer, Ralph's ideas are solid. I'm so glad to have worked with him, and look forward to million years more with this guy."

 Homer Nievera, CEO of Mediablast Digital
Ralph Layco is a serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, a public speaker and an expert disruptor. He is currently sits as Chief Visionary of a million-dollar worth company, SAM Holdings which he co-founded with his sister that has 19 shops and counting. 

The company manages brands he founded; Macho Mucho Salon For Men, HairFood Co., Crown & Glory, Patriot Coffee, Cacai Hair, Goodtimes Pomade and more. He has also created more than 30+ personal care and food products. 

He is also the consultant for the Philippines' Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Tourism. He’s best known in his work as a cultural provocateur in the southern Philippines for renaming an entire region, Sox/Soccsskargen and branding the biggest beach festival in the country, SarBay Fest. 

His current mission in life is to create an online learning platform that empowers 10,000 people to realize their Big Idea by 2022. He also is developing a self-discovery framework, Born Original, to help people ignite their authentic selves. 

He's a documentary nerd, a coffee addict and a global traveler.  
  • One of the country's Most Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce 2016
  •  General Santos City's #1 Most Outstanding Entrepreneur for 2017
  •  One of the country's Top Marketing Mavericks according to Philippine Marketing Association
As featured in 
Having made a number of brands in retail and service, Ralph can warp your idea into market-fit designed to scale into a million-dollar value brand. 
Ralph Layco, nominated as one of Asia's top outstanding young marketers by the Asia Marketing Association, is known to make an impact in his assignments. 
Ralph Layco prides himself in becoming your best ally to develop your brand. 

That’s because as a strategic business consultant – Ralph Layco aligns the brand into its core mission which will help align the brand, the product and the founder's vision so the brand can accelerate rapidly.

For the past 5 years, Ralph has been a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, top government officials, the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Tourism in the Philippines.

Ralph Layco has ran seminars but is now choosing to work with select number of entrepreneurs, his founded tribe of creators, and his own business page

Clients choose to work with Ralph because he’s not just a "marketing guru” or “coach”, but a true entrepreneur himself —  a consultant that actually owns a portfolio of profitable brands. In other words, he walks the talk! 


Jorge Wieneke 
Founder, Potato Corner & 
Tokyo Tempura

 "Ralph stands out. He has the characteristics of a good entrepreneur. I've seen him grow his business from scratch. He is passionate about what he does and he is determined to make it succeed. So proud to see what this man has become"- Jorge Wieneke, Founder of Potato Corner and Tokyo Tempura

Michelle Solon
President, Sarangani Tourism Office

"He's a brilliant brand architect! He helped us build Sarbay Fest and this has become one of the biggest Beach Festivals in Philippines. When it boils down to how to execute branding and marketing, I'm glad Sarangani Province can easily access Ralph Layco' s ideas and expertise and we are superbly satisfied having him as our creative consultant."

Nelly Dillera
Department of Tourism-Philippines

“SOX is Next” is a brand that steered SOCCSKSARGEN Region to be noticed and, register millions of tourist arrivals, the very objective of the campaign. 

A humbling but rewarding brand for a region that is in a stigma of conflict.

The acceptance of being second-rate is not common. But it was a brilliant two-pronged concept of pushing not only SOX’s gems but also cross marketing the country, an unselfish act of promotion. 

The execution was even more engaging. SOX is Next was owned by all and became a campaign movement by people who are from SOX and people who believes in our advocacy of improving lives through tourism.

Today, SOX just have to sustain what this campaign has initiated with the caveat that everyone who loves SOX live up to the expectations of being the Next and eventually become the top of the mind destination. 

And top of the mind for branding and execution for me is, RALPH LAYCO. The brains behind SOX is Next.

Paulo Tibig
Author, Speaker and Founder of VCargo

"Maverick Ralph - the way i described this guy.

Im a witness to his entrepreneurial journey, and i would say that he is passionately driven, fully determined, equipped with great learnings -attributes necessary to make it to the next level.

With his commitment, thrust and desire, I'm sure he will it make it big in his league!"

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